I Rise from Dreams of Time

This is a ballad-style hymn of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was hymn was written by Scottish politician, philanthropist and Roman Catholic convert Robert Monteith (1812-1884) of Carstairs, as a substitute for Shelley's “Indian Serenade," written in 1819, which begins "I arise from dreams of thee".

The first publication was in the English Catholic monthly magazine "Rambler" in September 1850, under the title "The Sacred Heart". 

The hymn was published in a few hymnals in the late 19th century, and it is now sometimes requested for funerals of people who remember it from these.

The tune is is set to is unnamed, and the composer is unknown.


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Small group, unaccompanied, professional recording:

Soloist with organ:

Professional recording, singer with guitar-led band and pipes:

Male singer with organ:


I rise from dreams of time,
And an angel guides my feet
To the sacred altar throne
Where Jesus’ heart doth beat.

Ever pleading day and night
Thou cannot from us part,
O veiled and wondrous sight,
O love of the Sacred Heart,

The lone lamp softly burns,
And a gentle silence reigns,
Only with a low still voice
The Holy One complains.

Long, long I’ve waited here.
And though thou heeds not Me,
The heart of God’s own Son
Beats ever on for thee.

In the womb of Mary meek,
In the cradle of the tree.
Heart of pure, undying love,
It lived, loved, died for me.

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