Fáilte Romhat a Rí na nAingeal

This is a traditional Irish-language hymn of welcome to Jesus.

The original author and the creator of the translation below are both unknown. It is included in The Veritas Hymnal (1972) where the source is given as "traditional".

Similarly the composer of the tune that it is set to is unknown.


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Boys' choir with organ:


Fáilte romhat a Rí na nAingeal,
T’réis do ghlactha, a choirp an Rí;
Fáilte romhat, a Rí na bhFlaitheas,
Fóir, a Chríost, gach duine dinn.

Glóir don Athair, don Mhac ’s don Naomh-Spioraid;
Glóir go deo is moladh síor.

Dia do bheatha, a Thiarna Dia,
Dia is duine thú, a Íosa Chríost;
Dia do bheatha, ’bhláth is gile,
Tusa beatha chách go fíor.

Dia do bheatha, ’bhláth na lile,
’Aon-Mhic Mhuire, a ghin gan smál;
Dia do bheatha, ’chroí is glaine,
D’fhuascail sinn led chrois ’s led pháis.

Rough translation

Welcome to you, king of the angels
After my reception of your, body of the king
Welcome to you, king of heaven
Christ help every one of us

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
Glory forever, and everlasting praise.

Hail, O Lord God
Jesus, you are God and man
Welcome, brightest flower,
You are true life for everyone,

Hail Lord God, brightest flower
Only son of Mary, born without stain,
Welcome sinless Heart,
Who has delivered us by your cross and passion.

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