Hymn of the Australian Children of Mary (Mary that wondrous name / Queen of Angels, pray for us)

This hymn was the anthem of the Children of Mary sodality in Australia.  

It was written by James Frances Hogan (1855-1924) and set to music by Irish Roman Catholic priest and music teacher Joseph O'Malley, SJ (1830-1910), who spent much of his life working in Victoria and New South Wales.

An SATB arrangement of the song was published in Melbourne by W.F. Dixon & Co in 1879.

Sheet music is available to view at http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/152548 - and a clearer version of this is avaible below.


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Mary that wondrous name,
Whose sound is most sublime
Pure spark of heavenly flame,
That lights the realm of time.
Leads wayward sinner back
Into the one true fold.
And shows the narrow track
That leads to bliss untold.

Queen of Angels, pray for us,
In thee we confide.
Queen of Virgins, pray for us,
Thy children guard and guide.
Queen of Angels, pray for us,
Queen of Virgins, pray for us,
Pray for us,
Thy children guard and guide.

Though on our shores of gold
No ancient shrines have we.
Raised by sainted ones of old,
Impelled by love of thee.
Impelled by love of thee,
Yet to thy name so dear,
Our hearts an altar be.
We glows our love sincere
An incense burnt to thee.

O Mary may'st thou be
Through life our saving shield.
May we keep our faith to thee.
Nor to the tempter yield.
Nor to the tempter yield.
Pure in thought and word and deed.
Our lives be like to thine,
Until by death we're freed.
Around thy throne to shine.

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