Come and Fill this Temple / Come and Fill His Temple

This a song of gathering for Pentecost, which is is associated with Medjugorje devotions.  It has been translated either to or from the German song "Komm O komm erf├╝lle diesen Tempel".

It is attributed to Arlene Friesen.  It is now in the public domain, according to CCLI records (ref).

 It was published in John Michael Talbot's book Songs for Worship.   


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Choir with cantor and orchestra at Medjugorje festival:

John-Michael Talbot - professional recording:

Professional recording from Medjugorje festival:

Singer with guitar:

Small music group, recorded live:


Come, O come, and fill this temple,
Fill this temple with the glory of the Lord.
Come, O come, and fill this temple,
Fill this temple with the glory of the Lord.

There's a place of unity, a place for fellowship,
There's a place where God's people come together,
Where the Spirit of the Lord descends,
And binds our hearts as one,
And we're filled afresh with holy power.

So we wait with open hearts,
We're hungry for your love,
And we worship now the name of Jesus.
Forgive us, Lord, for grieving you,
And warm our hearts anew
With the fire and zeal of Pentecost.

Alternative verse 2:
Lord we wait, with open arms,
We're hungry for Your touch,
Lord, we worship now Your Name, O Jesus.
Forgive us Lord, for grieving You,
Pour down, Your heart anew,
With the fire and the zeal of Pentecost!

ABC Notation

T:Come and Fill This Temple
C:Arlene Friesen
Z:abc-transcription ,
B3 B | B3 B | ( B/2A/2G/2A/2G3/2) F/2 | E B,3 |
( B/2A/2G/2A/2G3/2) F/2 | E B,2 B,/2B,/2 | AGF3/2 E/2 | [1F4 :|] [2E4 | E2 z E/2F/2 |]
E3 z/2 E/2 | A3/2 G/2 F E | A3 z/2B/2 | A/2 G (F/2F ) E/2F/2 |
G3 (G/2G/2) | A3/2 A/2 B c | (B3 F) | B3 (B/2A/2)
| G3/2 GG F>E | A3 (A/2B/2) | A G/2(F/2 F3/2) E/4F/4 |
G3 (G/2G/2) | A (G/2A/2) F>E | E4 | z4]

Ref:  What is ABC

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