Annunciation Carol (A Message Came to a Maiden Young)

This hymn about the angel's Annunciation to Mary is based on a traditional Dutch carol, ‘De Boodschap van Maria’. 

 The translated first verse is attributed to EGB (1928), while verses 2-4 were added by English Anglican priest, author and social-justice advocate Percy Dearmer (1867-1936). It was first published in English in "Enlarged Songs of Praise" (1931), which Dearmer edited. Enlarged Songs of Praise is now out of print, but copies are often available from Amazon (UK and Ireland).

With irregular meter, it is set to the tune ANNUNCIATION, a Dutch tune, composer unknown, which was published in 1896.


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Organ instrumental, with kareoke style lyrics:

Choir, unaccompanied:

Instrumental - piano:


A message came to a maiden young;
The angel stood beside her,
In shining robes and with golden tongue,
He told what should betide her:
The maid was lost in wonder -
Her world was rent asunder -
Ah! how could she
Christ's mother be
By God's most high decree!

No greater news could a messenger bring;
For 'twas from that young mother
He came, who walked on the earth as a king,
And yet was all men's brother:
His truth has spread like leaven,
'twill marry earth to heaven,
Till all agree
in charity
to dwell from sea to sea.

He came, God's Word to the world here below;
And round him there did gather
A band who found that this teacher to know
Was e'en to know the Father:
He healed the sick who sought him,
forgave the foes who fought him;
Beside the sea
of Galilee
he set the nations free.

And sometimes trumpets from Zion ring out,
And tramping comes, and drumming -
'Thy kingdom come,' so we cry; and they shout,
'It comes!' and still 'tis coming -
Far, far ahead, to win us,
yet with us, nay within us;
Till all shall see
that king is he,
the love from Galilee!

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