Hymn to the Blessed Virgin (This is the Image of our Queen)

This Marian hymn was translated by Edward Caswall. The chorus refers to the month of May as Mary's month, making it only suitable for Northern Hemisphere use.

Tunes it is set to include:
  • IVER by H F Hemy.
  • A Slovak tune arranged by the editor in "The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book" (1920)



This is the image of the Queen
Who reigns in bliss above;
Of her who is the hope of all,
Whom we and angels love!

Most holy Mary, at thy feet
I bend a suppliant knee,
In this thine own sweet month of May
Pray thou to God for me.

The sacred homage that we pay
Of Mary's image here
To Mary's self at once ascends
Beyond the starry sphere.

How fair so-ever be the form
Which here your eyes behold,
Its beauty is by Mary's self
Excell'd a thousandfold.

Sweet are the flow'rets we have culled
This image to adorn;
But sweeter far is Mary's self,
That rose without a thorn!

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