Glory to God, Glory - Rivers

This is a chorus-and-verse style hymn of glory. It was written by Afro-American Roman Catholic priest, Fr Clarence Joseph Rufus Rivers (1931–2004).

The song was first released in American Mass Programme, recorded by World Library Of Sacred Music in 1963 (ref).    Second-hand copies of the accompanying sheet music are sometimes available from Amazon or other booksellers - but they do appear to be rare.   No currently in-print sources have been located.


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Original recording: lead singer and choir, a capella


1 Praise Christ the Son of the living God

Glory to God, Glory,
O praise Him, alleluia.
Glory to God, Glory,
O praise the name of the Lord.

2 Praise Christ the Word of the living God

3 Praise Christ the Light of the living God

4. Praise Christ the joy of the living God

5. Praise Christ the love of the living God

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