The Maid of France with Vision'd Eyes

This is a hymn about Joan of Arc. It was written by American Roman Catholic priest, teacher and choir director Hugh T. Henry (1862-1946). It was composed for the St Gregory Hymnal, 1920.

It is set to a traditional French Catholic melody PROVENCAL NOEL which is known as the Marche Dei Rei 'The March of the Kings', and is attributed to King Rene. This tune was later used by Georges Bizet used in his 'L'Arlesienne Suite'.


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French language hymn set to the tune - choir unaccompanied:


1. The Maid of France, with visioned eyes,
Saw messengers from paradise
And voices bore a hidden word
That only by her ear was heard.

O blessed Maid, the chant we raise
That tells the meaning of thy praise:
Thou teachest us the lesson grand
Of love for God and Fatherland.

2. The visions and the voices spoke
A wondrous message: "Break the yoke
That burdens France, and crown your King,
Sweet herald of his triumphing!"

3. The Maid believed the great command,
And fought for God and native land:
A model she shall ever lamp
To guide her feet in court or camp.

4. O who shall dare her glory paint?
She lived a hero, dies a saint:
A model she shall ever stand
Of love for God and Fatherland.

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