Aimé Duval

Aimé Duval SJ (1918-1984) was a French Roman Catholic (Jesuit) priest. 

He was born Lucien Duval in Vosges, and ordained in Belguim in 1944. His first work was as a French teacher, but rapidly established a career as a musician and performer, giving thousands of concerts in Europe.

As a singer-songwriter and guitarist his work was popular in the 1950-1960s, and he has been described as a visionary and showman.

However the stress of touring preceded health difficulties including alcohol addiction, and his best-selling book "L' enfant qui jouait avec la lune" is a frank account of these.

The name Aimé was a nickname, which he adopted as a stage-name.

Some of his songs have been translated into English: It is not clear whether he made the translations or if they were done by others who chose to attributed the songs to him while remaining anonymous themselves.

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