My Soul Proclaims the Lord my God (Magnificat / Mary's Song)

This hymn is a setting of Mary's Magnificat. The author is unknown, but is is very closely based on scripture (Luke 1:44-56), and a number of similar versions of the words are in use, some including a more Trinitarian verse.

With Common Meter (CM), tunes it is set to include:
  • NEW BRITTAIN - which is also used for the hymn Amazing Grace. The original composer of this tune is unknown.  Many World Library Publications hymnals include an arrangement of it by Sr Anne Carter RSCJ (1944-1993), under the title "Mary's Song" - this seems to be the most-commonly used tune.
  • ST. PETER, which is also used for the hymn How Sweet the Name of Jesus sounds - in the Catholic Book of Worship III, under the title "Canticle of Mary".
  • ST COLUMBA - a traditional Irish tune, composer unknown.

It was published anonymously in 1978 in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume Four.


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Solo singer, tune NEW BRITAIN:

Choir with organ, tune NEW BRITAIN

Choir with piano, tune NEW BRITAIN

Instrumental, tune ST PETER:


My soul proclaims the Lord my God,
My Spirit sings His praise!
He looks on me, He lifts me up
And gladness fills my days.

All nations now will share my joy
His gifts He has outpoured;
His little one He has made great;
I magnify the Lord.

His mercy is forever more
His name I praise again.
His strong right arm puts down the proud
And lifts the lowly high.

He fills the hungry with good things
The rich He sends away;
The promise made to Abraham
Is filled by him each day.

Magnificat, Magnificat,
Magnificat, praise God!
Praise God, praise God, praise God, Praise God,
Magnificat, praise God.

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