Come O Lord Quickly Come / Promised Lord and Christ is He

This is a hymn, which tells of Jesus' entire life and looks forward to his coming again.  It is often used  during Advent.

It was written by English Roman Catholic theologian and at-that-time Dominican priest Roger Ruston, based on a Jewish Passover prayer.  Early publications included Alleluia! Amen and the 20th Century Folk Hymnal, Volume 3.

Today, it is included in the current edition of McCrimmon's Celebration Hymnal for Everyone, and the Church of Ireland's Church Hymnal 5th Edition (2000).

Because the tune is public domain, it is shown in the lead-sheet style sheet music below, with space to add the words if you have a copyright licence which allows this.


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Children's choir with piano:

Instrumental - synthesizer, with words on-screen:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website, bottom of page 2.

A rough outline is:
1  Promised Lord, and Christ is he,
May we soon his kingdom see.

Come, O Lord, quickly come,
Come in glory, come in glory,
Come in glory, quickly come.

2  Teaching, healing, once was he ...

3  Dead and buried once was he ... 
4  Risen from the dead is he ...

5  Soon to come again is he ...

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:Come O Lord Quickly Come
C:Words:  Roger Ruston
C:Tune:  Early American traditional
"D"D D | F F | "A7"E/2-D/2 E | "D"D2 |
"D"F G | A A | "Em"G/2-A/2 B | "A"A2 |
"D"A A | "Bm"B2 | "Em"G F/2-G/2 | "A" A2 | "D"F D | "G"G G |
"D"F A | "Em"E "A"E | "D" F/2-E/2 D | "Em"G/2-F/2 E | "A"A F/2-E/2 | "D"D2 |]

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