Glory to Thee Lord God

This hymn was published in the 1969 People's Mass Book, with thanks to J Greally SJ.



Glory to thee Lord God!
In faith and hope we sing.
Through this completed sacrifice
Our love and praise we bring.
We give thee for our sins
A price beyond all worth,
Which none could ever fitly pay
But this thy Son on earth.

Here is the Lord of all,
To thee in glory slain;
O worthless givers, worthy gift
A victim without stain.
Through him we give thee thanks,
With him we bend the knee,
In him be our life, who is
Our one true way to thee.

So may this sacrifice
We offer here this day
Be joined with our poor lives in all
We think, and do and say.
By living true to grace,
For thee and thee alone,
Our sorrows, labours and our joys
Will be his very own.

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