Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race

This hymn about ethnic diversity and unity was written by American theologian and liturgical researcher Ruth Carolyn Duck (1947-).

It was first published in 1992, and was in the 2nd and 3rd editions of the Gather hymnal.   Sheet music can be purchased directly from GIA Publications, here - and they have made a version available for free download until November 2017 (link below).

With Long Meter (LM), tunes it has been set to include
  • TALLIS CANON by Thomas Tallis (1510-1583) - the original setting, used for many other hymns eg "Glory to thee my God this night".
  • CANONBURY by Robert Schumann (1839)



Congregation with piano accompaniment, led by the pastor.

Organ-accompanied, the official track published by GIA.


The words to this hymn are copyright, so cannot be reproduced here.  However they are available on this website.  A rough outline is:
1 Diverse in culture ...

2 God, let us be a bridge of care ...

3 When chasms widen ....

4 God, let us be a table spread

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