Sweep over my Soul

This is a short praise chorus, in American Gospel style, about the Holy Spirit.  

The original author and composer are unknown.  The song was included, with no attribution, in Songs of Praise published in New Zealand in 1973 - this is the earliest publication that has been found.

It is not the same as the four-verse Gospel hymn with the same title that was published by Harry C Clarke in 1927.

Artists who have recorded it include Helen E. Fromm in 1982, Worship House in 1999, and reggae singer Jepther McClymont (better known as Luciano) also in 1999.


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Singer with guitar backing:

Praise band / choir in concert:

Small gospel group with guitar and keyboard:


Sweep over my soul,
Sweep over my soul,
Sweet spirit,
Sweep over my soul.
My rest is complete,
When I sit at his feet,
Sweet spirit, sweep over my soul.

ABC Notation

T:Sweep Over my Soul
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
D2| B3 ^A  c2 | B4 A2 | G3   ^F A2| G4    E2 | (=D2 G3) G | 
    G2  A2 B2 | A6-   | A4    D2  | B3 =A c2 | B4 AA       |
    G4 ^FA    | G4 E2 | D2 G3   G | F2 G2 A2 | G6 | -G4 z2 |]

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