With You I Shall Go Through the Years of my Life

This hymn is a translation of the French song AVEC TOI (With You) written by Belgian woman Jeanne-Paule Marie "Jeanine" Deckers (1933–85), aka Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile / The Singing Nun) during the time when she was a Dominican, Sister Luc-Gabrielle OP.

It is a poetic setting to fit the tune, rather than a direct translation, and the translator is unknown.

It was sung in New Zealand in the 1980s, to a tune very similar to that of the original French song.



Solo singer with guitar and vocal backing - French language version:


With you I shall go through the years of my life
On the highways which span the world.
With you I shall go through the years of my life
To your people all over the world.

As your hand gently draws all my steps over yours,
With you Lord I will go, on the road that you show.

I will go where you lead, to those who may need me,
O Lord I will sing of the joys that you bring.

Just like you, let me give, all I have, let me leave
For the goals, O my Lord, of your kingdom I'll go.

At the gate of your land, you will reach out your hand,
And O Lord I'll be sure to be yours evermore

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