In our Dear Lord's Garden

This hymn for children was written by English hymn-writer and archaeologist, Ella Sophia Armitage (nee Bulley, 1841-1931), and first published in 1881 (ref) for the opening of a Sunday School.

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • RABENLEI - possibly the same tune as ST. LUCIAN (Rinck) - both by by Johann Christian Heinrich Rink (d 1864)
  • CASTLE EDEN by Robert William Dixon (1806-1876)
  • An unnamed tune by American choral conductor and music-editor, Charles Fonteyn Manney (1872—1951) - first published in 1909, so now public domain in the USA. 
  • BALIKPAPAN by Chas (Charles) Edward Prior, first printed in 1899 with the title "In the Dear Lord's garden" and including a chorus.


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Instrumental - smaller organ:

Instrumental - larger organ:

Instrumental - organ, with harvest-theme slides. Tune CASTLE EDEN


In our dear Lord’s garden,
Planted here below,
Many tiny flowerets
In sweet beauty grow.

Christ, the loving gardener,
Tends these blossoms small;
Loves the little lilies
As the cedars tall.

Nothing is too little
For His gentle care;
Nothing is too lowly
In His love to share.

Jesus loves the children,
Children such as we;
Blest them when their mothers
Brought them to His knee.

Jesus calls the children,
Bids them come and stand
In His pleasant garden,
Watered by His hand.

Lord, your call we answer
Take us in your care;
Train us in your garden,
In your work to share.

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  1. Very powerful and inspiring! God richly bless you.

  2. Nice piece. I was taught the first stanza in Primary 4 @ age 10, in 1966.

  3. Wonderful hymn. The first stanza was mostly sang during morning assembly in most schools in Ghana

  4. Wonderful hymnal one of my favorite when I was in school

  5. Wow!so this is the lyrics and we were singing Arabic in schools πŸ˜πŸ˜€Thanks a lot....very powerful hymn

  6. Hahahahahaaaaaaa! In facts I have now gotten the actual lyrics of the song.

  7. This is the favorite song of I have been looking for, rendition on my mind.

  8. Does anyone know where we can get sheet music for this? To play on an organ?

    1. Good question!

      The challenge is, which tune do you want the sheet music for? I have found it for two common tunes (links above), but is one of them the tune you had in mind?

  9. Oh nice,and we were singing it anyhow then times 😊😊