Blind Man (sat by the road and he cried)

This is a song which starts from the prayer of a blind man who asks Jesus for healing.  It appears to be inspired by Luke 18:35.

The original author and composer are unknown:    The song is variously referred to as an Afro-American spiritual, an old-time American tune, and a folk hymn - and more recently has been recorded as an up-beat rock song.   Possibly it has developed through the folk-process rather than being specifically written.   Looking at the older versions on YouTube there is a progression from slow spiritual to upbeat rock-song - with the latter being more suitable for summer camp than formal church services.

The traditional wording was "Blind man stood by the road ...", although in some places it set as "Blind man sat ...", in line with one common scriptural translation. It is included as "sat .." in the 1999 publication of "Together in Song, Australian Hymn Book II".

The first verse most probably refers to the story of blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52), while the other verses refer to other incidents from scripture and their application today.

The tune is usually referred to simply as BLIND MAN.


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Trio with guitar and close harmonies:

Children's action song (summer camp / bible school):

Rock band version:

Singer, self-accompanied on keyboard:

Solo singer, self-accompanied on guitar:


Blind man sat by the road and he cried.
Blind man sat by the road and he cried.
Blind man sat by the road and he cried.
Oh, oh, oh…
Show me the Way
Show me the Truth
Show me the Life
The way to go home.

Woman sat by the well and she cried ...

Zacchaeus sat in the tree & he cried ...

We all sit by the road and we cry. ... Show us the Way

Jesus hung on the cross & he cried. ...  I am the Way

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