Mighty Revelation / All Over the World

This is a song for Pentecost about the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The first recording that has been located was made in 1967 (ref) by the Scottish evangelist Cameron Family with Roy Turner:  the label of this album says the words and music are © Roy Turner.   However a pressing in 1969 (ref) is labelled "Words and music © Cameron Bros and Roy Turner".

English born and raised Turner (b 1940) was a journalist, who joined the Methodist and then Pentecostal church, and became deeply involved in the charismatic "Glory" movement (ref).
As well as recording, the Cameron Family with Roy Turner toured internationally, which may explain why the song was published in:
In each of these books, the song was published without any attribution.

It was also published in Songs of Fellowship by Kingsway Music Eastbourne UK in 1984.  This book states that the song is copyright them in 1984.   Based on the earlier recordings, the song was written a lot earlier than that, and English copyright law (unlike American) has no way to "register" items at a later date. 

Clearly Turner was heavily involved with the song's creation:  he almost certainly wrote or co-wrote the words.  But it is equally likely that other members of the group were at-least as involved with the tune - and that the tune at least gradually developed from being sung over some years. 

Many different variations have been used in later verses, including: All over this room... All over us all... All over our school ..., etc.    Also, there are number of slight variations in the tune which is in common use.


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Small-church music group

Massed choir, accompanied by a brass band

Singer with piano-led backing, on-screen lyrics:

Recording by the Cameron family:


All over the world, the Spirit is moving,
All over the world, as the prophet said it would be;
All over the world, there's a mighty revelation,
Of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

All over the land ...

All over the Church ...

Deep down in my heart ...

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  1. It was Roy Turner without a doubt! He testified this at the Zion Tabernacle in Peterhead in the early 60's.

  2. My name is Roy Turner and I am the COMPOSER of the hymn ‘ALL OVER THE WORLD THE SPIRIT IS MOVNG, And I am the copyright owner. There is no reason to suggest, as above, that the authorship is in doubt. Your inaccurate statement, casting doubt on the attribution to me is incorrect. Please change your attribution and enter the correct detail. ‘Composed by Roy Turner’. Thank you,

  3. On your website you cast doubt on myself ... Roy Turner ... as composer of the hymn ‘ALL OVER THE WORLD THE SPIRIT IS MOVING’ . I am the composer and copyright- owner of this composition. To suggest otherwise in the statements you make about the authorship is misleading, inaccurate and a dis-service to me personally.

    I ask you to alter your attribution and remove the suggestion that there is doubt of composer or that I borrowed or shared from other sources.

    I await confirmation confirmation that this will be rectified.


    Roy Turner. (Aka. ‘MINSTRELSURFER’ .... my YouTube channel.)

  4. Enter your comment...so glad to know the composer of the song

  5. This song was composed by Roy Turner...maybe the confusion was that the recordings were made under the Cameron Family and Roy Turner....and several groups traveling as the Cameron Family were singing Roy’s songs