You Were Already Close to Me

The origin of this hymn is unknown, and no published versions have been found.



You were already close to me before I turned to seek you;
You waited from eternity within the bread to meet me.
Now I behold you face to face as in a mirror I can trace
Your love that shall complete me.

In fascination I behold your poverty of living.
I gaze in awe as you unfold your broken bread in giving.
I contemplate with tenderness your love that gave itself in death
That I might find communion.

I see with fearless confidence, this earth, this fallen Eden,
For I am certain in your grace, my life in yours is hidden.
And when my day draws to an end, that bread to me, your life shall lend
That in you, I am risen.

You lead me to your dwelling place, to love's long last surrender.
I shall be with you and shall taste your joy and shining splendour.
And in that land where all shall live and none shall part us,
I shall give my heart to you forever.

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