Shepherd Song

The author and composer of this hymn are unknown. It may be of Irish origin.



Jesus, good Shepherd, call us by name
Jesus, good Shepherd, call us by name
Jesus will shepherd us, lead us to pastures green,
Show us the tree of life, give us repost.

Jesus will shepherd us
Lead us to pastures green,
Show us the tree of life,
Give us repose. O...

Green is our valley now
Cooling the living stream;
Banished are pain and fear;
Winter is past. O...

Jesus will be our guide
Through paths of righteousness;
Jesus our God who saves,
True to his name. O ...

Found is the wand'ring sheep
Brought home is Jesus' arms;
Safe now with in the fold,
Angels rejoice. O...

Dark though my valley were,
covered by night of death;
No evil need I fear:
Jesus is near. O …

Strong is the shepherd’s staff;
Safe now the Saviour’s flock,
Led by the Cross of Christ:
Comfort and strength. O …

Take, eat the Bread of Life
Love calls us to his feast;
Fragrant our chrismed brow,
Cups overflow. O...

Goodness and mercy, Lord
Follow me all my days;
Here let me ever dwell,
Safe in God’s house. O ….

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