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Gifts of Bread and Wine

This Offertory hymn was written and composed by English teacher Christine Byrne McCann.

It was first published by Kevin Mayhew in Hymns Old and New - A Hymn Book for the Irish Church in 1977, although today CCLI list it as copyright 1978.

It is still included in current editions of Catholic Hymns Old and New.

The unnamed tune has a 4/4 time signature.   In the key of D, the first few notes are F G F E E_ / G A G F D_  with accompanying chords D / Em / A / G / D.



Soprano solo, with classical guitar backing:

A Filipino music ministry group, with guitar and light rhythm backing:

An English parish music group, keyboard backing:


The lyrics are copyright, so cannot be reproduced here. However they are available on this website.   A rough outline is:

1 Gifts of bread and wine, gifts we've offered

‘Take my body, take my saving blood.’
Gifts of bread and wine: Christ our Lord.

2 Christ our saviour, living presence here ...

3 Through the Father, with the Spirit ...

See more ..

Gifts of bread and wine, gifts we’ve offered,
Fruits of labour, fruits of love;
Taken, offered, sanctified, blessed and broken;
Words of one who died:

‘Take my body, take my saving blood.’
Gifts of bread and wine: Christ our Lord.

Christ our Saviour, living presence here
As he promised while on earth:
‘I am with you for all time,
I am with you in this bread and wine.

Through the Father, with the Spirit,
One in union with the Son,
For God’s people, joined in prayer
Faith is strengthened by the food we share.

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