Christ is my Rock (I Know a Man who Loved to Live Free)

This hymn was written by Medical Mission Sister Miriam Therese Winter, and first published in 1965.

 It was included in the album I Know the Secret.

It is inspired by Matthew 7:24-27, which describes house-building approaches, and parallels them to the spiritual life.


Original Medical Mission
Sisters version



Sung unaccompanied by a man in an echo chamber!

A contemporary setting, with backing singers and light instrumentation:


The full lyrics cannot be given here, because they are still copyright. However you can find them on the Medical Mission Sister's website.

The chorus has six lines, and there are four verses, each with four lines.  A brief outline is:
Christ is my Rock, my Refuge, my Stronghold,
Christ is my Rock, the root of my soul’s recreation.


1  I know a man who loved to live free.
He pitched his tent by the side of the sea...

2  I know a man who loved to live high.
... castle near up to the sky....

3  I know a man, a cool one to know.
... out of ice and of snow....

4  I know a man who build out of straw ...

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