Mo Ghrá-sa Mo Dhia

This Irish-language hymn was written by Liam Lawton, and is on his 1998 CD, The Sacred Story about Blessed Edmund Rice.

Sheet music was published in Seinn Alleluia (which is still available for purchase).

The song is now in the repertoire of many Irish wedding and funeral singers - some are shown in the examples below.

Image credit:
Celtic cross and reputed site of "St Gordian's Kirk" (Chris Eilbeck) / CC BY-SA 2.0



Sung unaccompanied as a responsorial psalm by a cantor / congregation:

Solo singer with piano backing:

Instrumental version, violin with piano backing


The lyrics are still copyright, so cannot be re-produced here in full. But an outine is:
Ailelú, ailelú
Ailelú mo Shlánaitheoir ...

1  Mo ghrá-sa, mo Dhia, mo ghárda, mo liaigh ...

2   Mo ghrá-sa go h-úird, naomhtha id chúirt ...

3  'S Tú mo Dhia, 's mé do ghiolla

Translated, the meaning is roughly:
Alleluia, my Saviour, you are my God, I am your servant 
My love, my God, my rock .. my King 
My love, holy in your court .. my strength

ABC Notation

T:Mo ghrása, mo Dhía
"Em"G4 EF|G4 GA|"G"B2 B3 B|"D"A4 B2|
"Em"e4 BA|"G"G3E F2|"Am"E6|"Bm"D4 EF||
"Em"G4 EF|G4 GA|"G"B2 B3 B|"D"A4 B2|
"Em"e4 BA|"C"G3E "D/B"F2|"Em"E6|E6|]

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