Christ is the Vine

This hymn was written by John Swertner (1746-1813) and Johann Muehlmann (1573-1613).    It is based on images from John15.

The hymn was published in some words-only Morovian hymn books in the 19th century.  No information about tunes that it was sing to has been located.

If you have any information about tunes that it has been set to, please leave a message in the Comments section near the bottom of the page.



Christ is the vine, and we the branches are.
Without him, we no fruit can bare.
For of ourselves, we cannot grow,
He must both power, and life bestow.

Lord, thou has chosen us that we
Should bear well-pleasing fruit to thee:
O make us fruitful to thy praise.
Preserve us from all barrenness.

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