Wisdom Calls Throughout the City / We eat the Bread of Teaching (Wisdom's Feast)

This hymn was written by Omer Westendorf (1916-1997), and was published by World Library Publications in 1998.

It is based on Proverbs 9.

The tune is called WISDOM'S FEAST and is by Jerry Ray Brubaker (1946-).

An arrangement for choir (SATB) an dguitar or keyboard is still available from W J Paluch.


Lead singer in a church service, with organ accompaniment. (poor sound quality)

Instrumental version: piano. With on-screen lyrics.


The full lyrics are copyright and cannot be reproduced here.    However a rough outline is:
We eat the bread of teaching, drink wine of wisdom,
We all are one .... 
1  Wisdom calls throughout the city ... 
2 Simple ones whose hearts are yearning ... 
3   Enter with delight and singing ...

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