Don Bosco, Father and Guide (Father for Many People)

This anthem about Don Bosco, founder of the Salesian order, appears to have been translated from an Italian-language work titled "Padre, Maestro ed Amico" - or possibly from the German-language "Vater, du Vater von so vielen".

The original language, author and translator are unknown.   The tune appears to have been composed by Angelo Lagorio, and sheet music is available on pages 15 (lead sheet) and 17 (piano score) of the book available here. An indication of the tune in sol-fa notation is available here.



Sung by a duo with backing vocals and accompaniment:

As the soundtrack - in many languanges - for a film about Don Bosco:


Father, for many people,
Father, just listen to our voice,
Which is the song of love
Your heart was always full of love,
Your spirit always young
What can you do for us?

Father, our guide and our friend
Young people of the world;
We still rely on you!
Open our hearts to Jesus Christ
Support our commitment in this community.
Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh.

Joyful, the life with you is joyful
The life with you is music;
A melody of love.
The love you have for all your children
Is still alive among us;
And this shall never die!

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