Keep Step with the Master

This is a hymn to encourages Christians to live faithfully with Jesus.

It was published under the name Ida Scott Taylor, which is one of the pseudonyms used by Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby (1820-1915).

With meter with refrain, it is set to the tune KEEP STEP WITH THE MASTER, composed in 1894 by American W A Ogden (1841-1897) - and sometimes known simply as OGDEN.


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Keep step with the Master, whatever betide;
Though dark be the pathway, keep close to your Guide,
While foes are alluring, and danger is near,
When walking with Jesus, you’ve nothing to fear.

Keeping step go bravely forward,
And thy courage will renew;
Daily walk with Christ your Saviour,
He will lead you all the journey through.

Keep step with the Master, wherever you go;
Through darkness and shadow the way He will show,
The light of His presence your path will illume,
And make all the desert a garden of bloom.

Keep step with the Master, nor halt by the way;
Whate’er He commands you, oh, haste to obey!
Arise at His bidding, press on in His might;
While walking with Jesus, you’re sure to be right.

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