Seeking Heaven Alone

This is a hymn about seeking heaven.   

It was included in the 1913 American Catholic Hymnal, with the lyrics attributed to "M.H>" and the tune to I Williams (or perhaps the other way around) and copyright 1913 "P.J.K.&S.".


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Singer with reverb- unaccompanied:


One thought only have we
As we journey,
‘Tis our souls’ salvation
That and that alone.

Seeking heaven alone, brings true happiness;
Seeking heaven alone, brings true happiness;
Seeking heaven alone, seeking heaven alone.

Each soul was created
For a God most high;
Naught but God, our yearnings,
E’er can satisfy.

Live on earth is passing,
Vanity and show;
God alone is changeless,
God alone is true.

Though we gain the whole world,
Poor are we indeed;
If we lose our Jesus,
For eternity.

Seek then, but salvation,
Seek that peace and joy;
Which endure forever,
Bliss without alloy.

Maiden Mother, lead me
To my Saviour’s throne;
Keep and guard and guide me
Make me all His own.

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