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You are my People

The author of this hymn about Eucharist is unknown, and no on-line examples have been found.   If you have any information about it, please leave a comment below.



“You are my people, I am your God
You are my people, close to my heart.”

Lord, we are thirsty, walkin’ thro this desert land.
Lord we are thirsty, give us to drink!
The Lord sent water from the rock to give his people to drink.

Lord, we are hungry, walkin’ thro this desert land.
Lord we are hungry, give us some food!
The Lord sent manna from the sky to give his people food.

Lord, we are weary, walkin’ thro this desert land.
Lord we are weary, show us the way!
The Lord sent a pillar of cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night to show his people the way.

Still they cried out and they complained,
Where is the Saviour, the anointed one?
The Lord sent his only Son, Christ the anointed.

I give you my body to be your food;
My blood I pour out that you may never thirst,
I give you my light, I give you my love, I give you my Spirit of love.

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