Easter Song - He Rose from the Dead

This hymn author and composer of this simple Easter song are unknown. The structure is simple and there is repetition in the lyrics which suggests that it was intended for children.

It was included in Songs of the Spirit, Volume 3, published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd in 1987, with an arrangement by Anthony Sharpe. But no other publications have been found.   If you have any further information about it, please leave a note in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



None found.


Alle, alle, alleluia,
Alle, alle, alleluia,
Praise Him every day.
Every day, sing alle,
Every day, sing alle,

He lived for us, He died for us,
He rose from the dead.
He freed us from the grasp of sin,
He rose from the dead.

He was a man, yet God’s own son
He rose from the dead.
He shares his glory with us now,
He rose from the dead.

He lights the darkness of our lives
He rose from the dead.
With him we rise to die no more
He rose from the dead.

ABC Notation

T:Easter Song - He Rose from the Dead
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
"C"z/2 G E/2 G G | "F"z/2 A B/2 c/2B/2 A | "C"z/2 G E/2 G G |
"C"z/2 A B/2 c/2B/2 A | "Dm7"z/2 c A/2 c c | "G"B3 F/2G/2 |
"Dm7"c A/2A/2 c c/2c/2 | "G"B3/2 A/2 G3/2 G/2 | "G7"[M:2/4] F/2 E D/2 | "C"[M:4/4] C3-C/2 |]
G/2 | "Am"AA cc | "Em"B G E3/2 E/2 | "E7"E2 ^F ^G | "Am"A3-A/2G/2 |
yyAA cc | "Em"B G E3/2 E/2 | "E7"E2 ^F ^G | "Am"A4 |

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1 comment:

  1. Jack Miffleton is the author of this song. It used to be known as Alle, Alle. I remember him when he was a Catholic priest in Roanoke, VA, when he wrote this song.