One Cold Night in Spring

This is a Northern Hemisphere hymn about Jesus Passover meal to, looking forward to his death and resurrection 

It was written by English Roman Catholic youth-worker Damian Lundy.

It is set to an unnamed tune by Lundy, with a 4/4 time signature.  The original publication is in the key of Am, and the first few notes are A(low) E E G F#.

It was first published in 1978, in Songs of the Spirit volume 1. It was also included in a 1979 recording "I Will be With You" by La Sallian Resources. (ref), and in the 1993 and 1999 editions of (Liturgical) Hymns Old and New both available from Amazon - and these are the best ways to get the sheet music today.


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Singer, multi-track recording:

Signer with guitar, Latvian language version (Vakars auksts un vējains pienāca)

Instrumental - electronic keyboard:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here, but they are available on this website.  The song has five verses, each four lines long. A rough outline is:
1 One cold night in spring the wind blew cold ...

2 And he broke a wheaten loaf to share ...

3 Then he poured good wine into a cup ...

4 See a dying man with arms outstretched ...

5 Soon a man will come with arms outstretched ...

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1. One cold night in Spring, the wind blew strong.
Then the darkness had its hour.
A man was eating with his friends,
for he knew his death was near
2. And he broke a wheaten loaf to share,
for his friends a last good-bye.
‘My body is the bread I break.
Oh, my heart will break and die!’
3. Then he poured good wine into a cup,
blessed it gently, passed it round.
‘This cup is brimming with my blood.
Soon the drops will stain the ground.’
4. See a dying man with arms outstretched
at the setting of the sun.
He stretches healing hands to you.
Will you take them for your own?
5. Soon a man will come with arms outstretched
at the rising of the sun.
His wounded hands will set you free
if you will take them for your own.

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