Prayer from Colossians (I never fail to remember you in prayer)

This hymn, based on Paul's first letter to the Colossians (Colissians 1) was written by Australian Fr Frank Andersen.

It was originally published in Rising Moon, and then in the Scripture in Song - The Music of Frank Andersen MSC collection, which is still available.

The tune was written by Fr Andersen:  it is in a minor key (Em in the original printing), with a 4/4 time signature.  The tune starts with a chorus (first notes in Em are E-EE-E-D), and this is repeated after every verse.



The lyrics are copyright, and cannot be reproduced here. The song has two verses and a chorus which is sung a the begining and after each verse.  A rough outline over the verses is:
I never fail to remember you in prayer,
Giving thanks to God for you.
Ever since the time I heard of your faith,
In Jesus Christ my Lord,
In Jesus Christ my Lord,
In Jesus Christ my Lord.

1 We ask that God will give to you

2 May you have within your heart the strength

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