Newsletter: song requests during February 2016

This is a list of the song requests received during the month or so, along with general news about what's happening on the website.

On the saints-day front, St Brigid of Kildare was popular at the start of February - and now interest has moved to St Patrick (17 March) and St Joseph (19 March).

Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week - running from 1-17 March 2016) always brings renewed interest in the Irish-language hymns, too.

Hymns for Lent and Easter have been viewed a lot:  God of Mercy and Compassion has been top of the Popular Posts list for several weeks now.

Hymn and song research requests during February 2016

A Rí na Glóire

Unfortunately it has not been possible to locate this song - even using the phrase "is mo dhaonacht" which was also provided. If you have any information about it (eg who wrote it, who sings it, if it has been published anywhere) please leave a comment below.

Come Let's Share in the Banquet of the Lord

This request only included the phrase ""Banquet of the Lord"". It's possible that it is for the song Come Let's Share in the Banquet of the Lord. If not, then please try again, this time leaving more details.

Daily Daily Sing to Mary

Information about this Marian hymn, translated by Fr Henry Bittleston, is available here.

Fade Fade Each Earthly Joy

Information about this hymn is available here

He was Born for You and I

This request only included the title, and it wasn't possible to identify the song from this. If possible, try requesting it again and giving some of the other lyrics, ideally ones that use more unique combinations of works which are less likely to be in other hymns or sermons.

Laudato Si

Information about this song is available here.

Let There be Love Shared Among Us

An information page about a variation of this song is found here.

Like Olive Branches

This song was requested by a visitor from Uganda - and last month, by someone who heard it in Nigeria. There's an information page about it here

Listen Let Your Heart Keep Seeking

This Pentecost hymn is by Aniceto Nazareth. It has been added to the list for further research.

Love the Lord with all Your Heart

This request is possibly for a childrens song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row your Boat" - please leave a comment below if you have any more information about it.

My Soul is Sad

This hymn by English writer Francesca Leftley (Fran McEvoy) is described here.

On this House Your Blessing Lord

An information page about this hymn is available here.


Padraig Aspell Alleluiairish

This request also included the phrase "Cann amish is docas croi".

One possibility is that it may be for Dóchas Linn Naomh Pádraig, which does have an alternative title of Pádraig Aspal Éireann - although thiis is not an exact match.

If you have other suggestions about what the request is for, please leave a comment below.

Please Break this Bread

This request just gave a title - but is most likely to be for a song by Jodi Page-Clarke, © 1975 Celebration Services, which is included in the 1978 book Songs of the Spirit - Songs and Hymns of the Renewal. More reseach will be done on soon.

Prayer from Colossians

A page about this hymn by Australian Frank Andersen is available here.

The Day You Gave us Lord has Ended

This hymn for evenings, which is also popular for funerals, will be researched shortly.

The Man Born Blind

This request only included the title - and as there are several songs with similar names (including ones by Edith Sinclair Downing, Bob Hurd) it's not possible to be sure which one was intended.

This is Our Acceptable Time

This Lenten hymn by Frank Andersen has been erqeusted a number of times. There is now an information page about it here.

This is What Yahweh Asks

This song by Mary McGann RSCJ will be researched soon.

Worthy is the Lamb

This request only included the title "Worthy is the Lamb", and the fact that it had been heard in India. Unfortunately there are great many songs and hymns with this title, so (without some more details) it's not possble to know which one was wanted.

Don't see your request?

Every month, there are a number of requests which just don't have enough information to track down the intended hymn or song. If you made a request but don't see it listed here, then you might like to try again. this time, including some phrases that aren't likely to be included in other hymns.

Getting updates about requested songs and hymns

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Are you looking for a hymn or song?

Are you search for the words or sheet music for a particular song or hymn - especially from the last 50 or so years?  Put in a request using the hymn research request tool, and it will be responded to in next month's newsletter.

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