Come Christians All Rejoice and Sing (Song of the Resurrection)

This is a hymn a rejoicing for Easter. It was included in the 1971 New Catholic Hymnal published by Faber Music from England. in this book, the text is described as "freely translated" from Jean Tisserand's O Filii et Filiæ by Anthony Petti. It was also included in the 1973 Vertias Hymnal attributed to Tisserand, with no reference to Petti but acknowledging Faber Music for use of copyright materials.

In 2007, St Muredach’s Cathedral choir from Ballina, Ireland commissioned Ronan McDonagh to write a choral setting, and this is now known as the Song of the Resurrection.

With meter 8.8.8 with refrain, it is set to Tisserand's tune, O FILII ET FILIÆ.

Other translations of the text, which are usually set to the same tune, include:
  • A verse in the Evening Office, 1748 ("Young men and maids, rejoice and sing"),
  • Caswall's "Oh sons and daughters of the Lord"
  • Neale's "Ye Sons and Daughters"
  • Charles Kent's "O maids and striplings, hear love's story"
  • Cyril Alington's "Good Christians All Rejoice and Sing", which was originally called Good Christian Men Rejoice and Sing.


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Instrumental - classical guitar:

Organ and choir singing a different translation of the same tune:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available here. A rough outline is:
Chorus:   Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

1 Come, Christians all, rejoice and sing ...

2 On Sunday morn, at break of day ...

3 The Marys went, oppressed by care ...

4 An angel by the tomb they see ...

5 Then Peter and John quickly came ...

6 That very night, our Saviour dear ...

7 Now let us thank the Lord most high ...

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