Love it was that Made Us (God is Love)

This is a hymn about love.

It was written by Australia Roman Catholic (Franciscan Missionary of Mary) religious sister, Irene O'Connor FMM (ref).   It was originally released under the name Myriam Frances:  some people have referred to this as a pseudonym, but it is more likely the religious name she took when she entered the convent.

God is Love is one of O'Connor's earliest songs, written (and first released as an EP?) in the 1960s while she was working as a teacher in Singapore.  Later, it was included on an LP, Sing a Song to the Lord (ref), which was recorded and released by Phillips in Australia in 1973.

A review of Internet references to the song in 2021 suggests that although it has had limited use in Australia:
  • It is known and used in a number of places, especially schools, in Asia and the Indian continent (based on videos on YouTube)
  • It has been referred to as an "old hymn" in this blog from Ireland - which is un-dated but likely to have been published in the early 21st century.
  • It was used at the 2014 funeral of an Italian sister, educated in the UK who lived and worked in Hong Kong (ref.):  Often the hymns at such events are "old favourites" of either the deceased or the community.

So far, sheet music for the song has not been found, although records from the National Library of Australia says that a 27-page song book was produced.   The guitar chords presented below are one person's interpretation of the tune.

Thanks to the reader who commented that the song was attributed to M Frances in a hymn book from the 1970s:  this comment prompted me to check O'Connor's works for the song.  If you have any more information about it, especially the name of the hymn book or a source of sheet music,  please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page. 



English-language choir from a church in India, with keyboard backing:

Very similar (the same audio track?) recording for a school:

Choir with electronic keyboard - notable because it places the song in the "Jesus and Mary Hymnal"


Love it was that made us
And it was love that saved us
Love was God’s plan, when He made man
Whose divine nature is Love.
Born of God’s love we must love Him
That’s why He made us to love Him.
But only when we love all men
Can we partake of God’s love.
But only when we love all men
Can we partake of God’s love.

Love is a wonderful thing
Joy in our hearts it will bring,
Where there’s true love there is God,
And where there’s God there is Love.

Christ said: Love must be a sign
By which men will know you are mine,
A new commandment I give,
Each other love as I did.

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  1. Credited to a certain M. Frances in my old hymnbook from the 1970's.

    1. Thank you! This comment has enabled me to discover the writer of this song, and so the entry above has been totally re-written. If you can remember any details of your hymn book (eg the name, where it was published), it would be very appreciated.