Spirit Blowing Through Creation

This hymn about the Holy Spirit was written by American composer Marty Haugen and first published in 1987. It's highly suitable for Pentecost - but can be adapted for other occasions, as shown on the videos below.

It is set to an un-named tune by Haugen, which has a 3/4 time signature and was originally published in the key of F.   The first few notes in this key are FG BA GF G A2



Praise band with lead singer - great example of how good percussion can be when it's well-disciplined

Large contemporary choir:

Instrumental - keyboard:


The words are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website.

The hymn has four verses, and a short chorus is inserted after verse two and four.  A rough outline is:
1 Spirit blowing through creation, spirit burning in the sky ...

2 As you move upon the waters, as you ride upon the wind ...

Spirit renewing the earth, renewing the hearts of all people;
Burn in the weary souls, blow through the silent lips,
come now awake us, Spirit of God.

3 Love that sends the rivers dancing, love that waters all that lives ...

4 All the creatures you have fashioned, all that live and breathe in you ...

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