Ascension Hymn (A Hymn of Glory let us Sing) - Charles

This is a hymn about Jesus' ascension to heaven. The words are based on Hymnum canamus gloriae by The Venerable Bede (circa 672-673 - 735).

This translation was made by English Anglican poet and writer, Elizabeth Rundle Charles (1828-1896). 

With meter with refrain, it is set to DEO GRACIAS - a 15th century English melody, also known as The Agincourt Song.

It is similar to, but yet different from, a translation of the same work by Benjamin Webb which is also known as A Hymn of Glory.


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Singer (duet?) with rhythm-led backing, tune DEO GRACIAS:

Instrumental, with words on-screen:

Instrumental - piano:

Instrumental - piano:


A hymn of glory let us sing;
New songs throughout the world shall ring;
By a new way none ever trod
Christ mounteth to the throne of God.

The apostles on the mountain stand,
The mystic mount, in Holy Land;
They with the virgin mother, see
Jesus ascend in majesty.

The angels say to the eleven:
“Why stand ye gazing into heaven?
This is the Savior, this is He!
Jesus hath triumphed gloriously!”

They said the Lord should come again,
As the beheld Him rising then,
Calm soaring through the radiant sky,
Mounting its dazzling summits high.

May our affections thither tend,
And thither constantly ascend,
Where, seated on the Father’s throne,
Thee reigning in the heavens we own!

Be Thou our present joy, Oh Lord!
Who wilt be ever our reward;
And, as the countless ages flee,
May all our glory be in Thee!

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