The Spirit Is A–Movin’

This hymn in the style and language of a gospel song was written by American composer Carey Landry.

It was included in his original "Hi God" music book, but not in the accompanying recordings.

Today, sheet music is still available for purchase (downloadable) from OCP.

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Small group with guitar backing:

Solo singer with guitar - and processed to include three part harmony:

Solo singer, self accompanied on the organ:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available here.

The song starts with a two-phrase chorus, and this is repeated after each of the five verses. A rough outline is:

The Spirit is a-movin’ all over, all over this land.

1. People are gatherin’, the church is born ...

2. Old ones are dreaming dreams ...

3. Old walls are falling down, and ....

4. Fill with the Spirit, we are sent to serve ...

5. The Spirit fills us all with pow'r ...

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