God's Blessing Sends us Forth

God’s blessing sends us forth
Strengthened for our task on earth
Renewed in soul and renewed in mind
May God with us remain,
Through us the Spirit reign
That Christ be known to humankind

God’s news in spoken word
Joyfully our hearts have heard
O may the seed of God’s love now grow
May we in fruitful deeds
Gladly serve others needs
That faith in action we may show

We by one living bread
As one body have been fed
So we are one as we share this food
How gracious to behold
All people of one fold
Who ever seek each other’s good

Grant in this age of space
Triumph of your truth and grace
Lord you alone are unchanging truth
Bring us unto your side
Preserve and ever guide
Your ancient Church in ageless youth.
This recessional hymn was written by Dutch-American liturgist and composer Omer Westendorf (1916-1997).  It was first published in 1964.

It was incorrectly attributed to J C Evers in The Veritas Hymnal.

Sheet music is still available from WLP Publications, although it does not appear to be included in any in-print hymnals.

With meter, it is set to the tune ST ELIZABETH, which is a Silesian Folk melody from the Schlesische Volkslieder published in Leipzig, 1842.   It is also known as the CRUSADER'S HYMN.


Small church choir with organ backing:

Organ instrumental:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available in the comments at the bottom of this blog-post.

The song has four verses, each with six lines. A rough outline is:
1 God’s blessing sends us forth ...

2 God’s news in spoken word ...

3 We by one living bread ...

4 Grant in this age of space ....

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