Dauntless Ignatius

This hymn about St Ignatius of Loyola was written by Fr F C Devas SJ, and set to a tune by Rev C W Smith.

Hymnals it was published in include:
  • A Treasury of Catholic Song, published in 1915, by J. Fischer & Bro., New York.
  • The Armagh Hymnal, published 1915 by the Catholic Truth Society, Dublin.

Based on these dates, the hymn will be in the public domain in the USA. It's status in other countries depends on the date of death of Fr's Devas and Smith - unfortunately this is not known.



Solo singer with abstract backing track:


Dauntless Ignatius whose generous soul,
Early ambitions made glory its goal.
O with what courage you conquered your pride
Setting the world's empty honours aside.

Leaving the warfare of princes you laid
Proudly your sword at the shrine of the Maid.
Mary accepted your chivalrous sign
You would fight only the battle divine.

Soon to your side in the army of God
Rallied companions and forward you trod,
Glad in the sorrows of Jesus to share
Proud of the cross which his followers bear.

Tender as Christ to the wayward and weak,
Stern when was needful in anger to speak.
Like a true soldier, as gentle as brave,
This was your conquest, to strengthen and save.

Knight of our Lady, courageous and true,
Lead us to battle, we'll march under you.
Noble Ignatius, your comrades we'll go
Fearlessly forward to conquer the foe.

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