Great Saint Andrew Friend of Jesus

This hymn about St Andrew was written by Anglican priest and then Roman Catholic convert, Frederick Oakley (1802-1880).

With meter 87.87.D, tunes it is set to include:
  • CONTEMPLATION aka TRUST by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) in 1840
  • SUTTGART, attributed to Christian Friedrich Witt (1715)

A 4-part score for CONTEMPLATION/TRUST with no words included is available here,    Alternatively, Faber's New Catholic Hymnal contains the hymn with words on the staff.


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Choir with organ:

Instrumental - organ, tune STUTTGART:

Instrumental - piano:


Great Saint Andrew friend of Jesus,
Lover of his glorious cross,
Quickly at the master's bidding,
Called from ease to pain and loss,

Sweet Saint Andrew, Simon's brother,
Like him started life anew,
Gladly spread the holy gospel
Which from word of God he drew.

Blessed Saint Andrew, noble herald,
True apostle, martyr bold,
Who, by deeds his words confirming,
Sealed with blood the truth he told.

Never was a crown more glorious,
Never prize to heart so dear,
As to him the cross of Jesus
When its promised joys drew near.

Loved Saint Andrew, Scotland's patron,
Watch thy land with heedful eye,
Rally round the cross of Jesus
All her storied chivalry!

To the Father, Son, and Spirit,
Fount of sanctity and love,
Give we glory, now and over,
With the saints who reign above.

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