At the First Coming of the Lord (Advent Carol)

This Advent hymn tells the story of Christ's coming at Christmas, in the Eucharist, and coming again. It was written by Anglican priest Fr Nicholas Graham C.R. (dates unknown, described as Prior of Priory of St. Paul, London House of the Community of the Resurrection in this 1962 publication).

It is set the tune ADVENT CAROL composed by Patrick Appleford (1925-2018).

It was first published as an Introit hymn on the recording 20th Century Eucharist released under the Pye Records label in 1962 (ref).

Books which it was in include:
  • Modern Hymn Tunes: 69 Twentieth Century Hymns, 1966, Josef Weinberger Ltd.
  • Praise Ways, 1975, Josef Weinberger Ltd.
neither of which are still in-print.

No on-line examples have been found.



At the first coming of the Lord
He came to Bethlehem.
So softly spoken was the Word
In this dark world of men.
That only Mary heard, and kept
The secret in her breast,
When down from heav'n's high
throne he leapt,
And in her arms found rest.

At the next coming of the Lord
He came in bread and wine.
His flesh he gave, his blood outpoured,
True manna and true vine.
And still his promise holds-to come
Till sacraments shall cease,
In humble hearts to find a home,
And they in him their peace

At the last coming of the Lord
In fire and cloud he'll ride:
Out of his mouth a two-edged sword
To pierce and to divide
The hearts and souls of men, for whom
He died and rose again.
Then come, Lord Jesus, quickly come,
And speak the last Amen.

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