Your Kingdom Come O Lord (Earth's Fragile Beauties we Possess)

This is a hymn about hope in the coming Kingdom of God

The words were by English Anglican priest, theologian, chaplain and composer, Robert Willis DD (b 1947), and first published in 2006.

With meter D, it is set to the tune KINGSFOLD (composer unknown - public domain).

Hymnals that it has been published in include:

Delicate flower - a sign of hope


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Singer with guitar and whistle:

Organ - with faint congregational singing:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website - on page 4.

A rough outline is:
1 Earth’s fragile beauties we possess
... ‘Your kingdom come, O Lord!’

2 Earth’s human longings we possess ...

3 God’s own true image we possess ...

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Earth’s fragile beauties we possess as pilgrim gifts from God, and walk the slow and dangerous way his wounded feet have trod. Though faith by tragedy is rocked, and love with pain is scored, we sing the pilgrims’ song of hope: ‘Your kingdom come, O Lord!’ 2 Earth’s human longings we possess by love or grief compelled to take and bear the heavy cross Christ’s wounded hands have held. By cloud and fire he leads us on through famine, plague or sword, singing with faith the pilgrims’ song: ‘Your kingdom come, O Lord!’ 3 God’s own true image we possess in innocence first known, Now tainted by the hate and spite to Christ’s own body shown. By that same wounded heart of love God’s image is restored, To sing again the pilgrims’ song: Your kingdom come, O Lord!

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