Stars of Glory Shine more Brightly

This Christmas carol was written by English Roman Catholic priest, Frederic Charles Husenbeth (1796-1872), who was of French extraction.

It has been published a number of times - seemingly each time to a different tune. Some of the tunes used have made people believe that the carol is of Celtic origin, and a recent choral setting of the text to a traditional Irish tune is now particularly popular - and available from GIA Publications.


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Choir, with piano and flute - music starts at 1:27

Mixed choir singing an arrangement by Gabriella Snyder - piano accompaniment:

Singer with piano:

Small group, concert performance:


Stars of glory, shine more brightly,
Purer be the moon-light's beam,
Glide ye hours and moments lightly,
Swiftly down times deepening stream,
Bring the hour that banished sadness,
Brought redemption down to earth,
When the shepherds heard with gladness
Tidings of a Saviour's birth.

See a beauteous angel soaring
In the bright celestial blaze,
On the shepherds low adoring
Rest his mild, effulgent rays.
"Fear not" — cries the heavenly stranger —
"Him whom ancient seers foretold,
Weeping in a lonely manger,
Shepherds, haste ye to behold."

See the shepherds quickly rising,
Hastening to the humble stall,
And the new-born Infant prizing,
As the mighty Lord of all,
Lowly now they bend before Him
In His helpless infant state,
Firmly, faithful they adore Him
And His greatness celebrate,

Hark the swell of heavenly voices
Peal along the vaulted sky;
Angels sing, while earth rejoices —
"Glory to our God on high;
Glory in the highest heaven,
Peace to humble men on earth;
Joy to these and bliss is given,
In the great Redeemer's birth."

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