Every Tiny Star / God still Loves the World

This song about God's love was written in 1984 by Indian Roman Catholic theology student Peter Gonsalves - who later became a priest of the Salesian order. (ref).

 It is popular in Asia, and especially in India.

It was re-released in 1998 in the album Peter Gonsalves Collection - and sheet music for this is available from TEJ-PRASARINI, Don Bosco Communications   (only for purchase in India).

No sources of sheet music for people outside India have been found.


Small group with backing band:

Lead singer with backing track:

1998 Re-mix of the original recording

Duet - keyboard backing:

Instrumental - keyboard with backing:


Every tiny star that twinkles in the night sky,
Every drop of morning dew,
Every spark of fire blazing in the furnace,
Every captivating view,
Every rainbow in the sky,
Every pretty butterfly,
Tells the fascinating news to those who dare to hope.

And the message is, God still loves the world.
God still, still loves the world.
So, throw your life into his hands,
Day by day discern his plans,
God is passionately busy loving you and me.

Every ocean wave that breaks upon the sea-shore,
Every stalk of golden wheat.
Every silver stream that gushes down the mountain,
Every drop of honey sweet.
Every eagle flying high,
Every worm that wriggles by,
Tells the fascinating news to those who dare to hope;

Every man and woman pledged in love forever
Every little new-born child,
Every voice in favour of a needy neighbour
Every radiating smile
Every hand that offers love,
Every surging flow of blood.
Tells the fascinating news to those who dare to hope.

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