The Body Song (We are gathered as the body of our Lord)

The author and source of this short praise-chorus about the church are unknown.

It was included in the book Scripture in Song Volume II - Songs of the Kingdom, but no other sources of sheet music have been found.

The unnamed tune has a 4/4 time signature, and in the key of C the first few notes are C D E E E E F F G A G_.



We are gathered as the body of our Lord,
And we worship Him in one accord.
For He does not dwell in buildings made of stone,
He dwells within the hearts of men alone.
And we’re the hands, we’re the feet,
We’re the ears, we’re the eyes,
He’s the Head.
Through His blood we are supplied
And as our lives touch, and unions form,
That cannot be disjoined,
We are made visible,
The body of our Lord.

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