There is a Heart (Ave Maria) - Lawton

This hymn about Mary was written by Irish Roman Catholic priest, performer and composer Liam Lawton (b 1959).

It was originally published by EMI in 2004 and GIA in 2005. It was included in Lawton's CD and collection "Another World", and has also been recorded by James Kilbane.

Sheet music is no longer in-print, but 2nd-hand copies are sometimes available from Amazon.


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Choir, dual piano accompaniment:

Solo singer with piano and backing:

Original recording:


There was a time
When God so loved the world.
There was a sign,
An angel brought the word.
The Lord The Holy One
Now calls his chosen one
To bear the fruit of grace,

Hide not your face.

There was a day,
You brought your Son to birth.
There was a way,
He chose to walk on earth.
To bind the broken heart,
To find the lost and found,
To raise the dead to life,

Deep your delight.

Ave Maria
Gratia Plena
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

There is a heart,
So far beyond compare.
There is a heart,
With beauty found so rare.
A heart of human kind,
A heart of Gods design,
A heart where love abounds,

By love is crowned.

Ave Maria
Gratia Plena
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

Ave Maria
Gratia Plena
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

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  1. Wonderfully written and beautified the words into a song