What are Those Soul-Reviving Strains

This is a hymn for Palm Sunday  Some sources say it is based on Matthew 21:9.

The original writer is unknown: 
It is included in Three Hundred and Fifty Portions of the Book of Psalms, Selected from Various Versions: with a Collection of Six Hundred Hymns, Adapted for Public Worship (London, 1829) which was edited by Josiah Pratt, and sometimes called Pratt's Collection.  Some believe that it came for an earlier publication. They also commented that it is sometimes incorrectly attributed to J. Montgomery.

With Long Meter (LM), tunes it has been set to include:
  • An un-named tune, possibly by W J Kirkpatrick, pre 1896
  • HOSANNA - composer unknown, pre 1872 - seems to be most commonly used, sheet music is provided below
  • SAMSON (Handel) by George Frideric Handel (1742)
  • ROTHWELL by WM Tansor, c 1743



Men's chorus with very light brass:

Outdoor carol singers with brass:


What are those soul-reviving strains
Which echo thus from Salem's plains?
What anthems loud, and louder still,
Sweetly resound from Zion's hill?

Glory, glory, let us sing,
While heav'n and earth with glory ring;
Hosanna, hosanna,
Hosanna to the Lamb of God.

Lo, 'tis an infant chorus sings
Hosanna to the King of kings :
The Saviour comes, and babes proclaim
Salvation sent in Jesus' name.

Nor these alone their voice shall raise,
For we will join this song of praise ;
Still Israel's children forward press,
To hail the Lord their Righteousness.

Messiah's name shall joy impart
Alike to Jew and Gentile heart :
He bled for us, He bled for you.
And we will sing hosanna too.

Proclaim hosannas, loud and clear;
See David's Son and Lord appear ;
Glory and praise on earth be given -
Hosanna in the highest heaven.

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