Fill my Eyes (oh my God with a vision of the cross)

Fill my eyes O my God, with a vision of the Cross. Fill my heart with love for Jesus The Nazarene; Fill my mouth with Thy praise, Let me sing through endless days. Take my will, let my life, Be wholly Thine.
This worship song of petition was written by Australian Pentecostal pastor and founder of Vision International College, Ken Chant (b 1933).

It was originally published in 1974 by Brentwood Benson Publishing, and then in 1980 by Universal Music.

It was included in the book Scripture in Song - Songs of Praise, published in New Zealand in 1979. No recent published sources of sheet music have been found. However there are guitar chords available on this website.

The unnamed tune, also written by Chant, has a 3/4 time signature.   In the key of D, the first few notes are FG A BA F_ ED E DD B, D.


Choir with piano and backing instruments:

Praise band with lead singer:


The lyrics are copyright, so cannot be displayed in full here. But they are available from this website.  A rough outline is:
1 Fill my eyes O my God, with a vision of the Cross ...

2 Fill my mouth with Thy praise ...

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