All that is Hidden

This hymn was written by English Roman Catholic composer, church-musician and social-justice activist (ref) Bernadette Farrell (b 1957).    The text is officially based on Luke 12;2-3  and is also a close match for Matt 10:26-27 - these are part of Jesus teachings during his final days on earth.

It was originally published in 1986 by the American OCP Publications.

The hymn is included in some in-print hymn books, and sheet music can also be purchased from OCP.

The unnamed tune, also by Farrell, has a 4/4 time signature.  In the key of Bb the first few notes are D D F GFG


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Choir and congregation, with piano and guitar:

Solo singer self-accompanied on piano:

Small choir, professionally recorded, piano backing:

Small choir - with piano and flute accompaniment:

Instrumental - piano:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website.

The song has four verses, and a six-line chorus which is repeated after each verse. A rough outline is:
1 If you would follow me, follow where life will lead:

All that is hidden will be made clear.
All that is dark now will be revealed.
What you have heard in the dark
proclaim in the light;
What you hear in whispers
proclaim from the housetops.

If you would honour me, honour the least of these:

If you would speak of me, live all your life in me.

If you would rise with me, rise through your destiny ...

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